KJW 05 - machine for turning sewn-up pillowcases of any size

KJW 05

Machine used to turn pillowcases inside out

Up to 3500 covers in 8 hours




The KJW 05 machine is a small device that will dramatically improve the efficiency of any sewing facility. Turning out sewn pillowcases back to the right side does not have to be a tedious and manual activity. Very easy handling and outstanding performance at low cost makes this device indispensable for production of larger series of pillowcases.

Technical specification KJW 05/17 Device for turning pillowcases

  • Up to 3500 turned pillowcases in 8 hours
  • Width of pillowcases between 30 cm and 55 cm Other dimensions on request
  • Supplied with compressed air
  • Controlled using a foot pedal
  • Automatic adjustment to the pillowcase width

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