KJW 67 - machine for cutting curtains and automatic hemming of the bottom of the curtain

KJW 67

Machine for cutting curtains and automatic hemming of the bottom of the curtain

Up to 200 of cut and made-to-measure curtains in 8 hours


The KJW 67 machine is an automatic machine for cutting curtains, fabrics and voiles to size as well as for folding and flange-sewing the curtain bottom.

2018 will see the launch of a completely new model of our automatic machine –  a must for any professional sewing facility.

Several years of development, improvement and testing is what stands behind the KJW 67 machine.

High throughput and low operating costs make KJW 67 an ideal solution for any sewing facility and in particular for those sewing centres that specialise in production of tailor made curtains and home textiles.


Machine for cutting curtains and fabrics to size (trimming) and automatic rolling up of the blind bottom

  • up to 200 curtains tailor made and trimmed in 8 hours
  • Maximum sewing width – up to 1.5 m (3m option)
  • Maximum sewn curtain length up to 3 m
  • Ability to sew several curtains simultaneously, even of different widths
  • Controlled using a touch panel
  • Quick selection of the roll-up measure without having to re-tool the machine
  • Roll up of the curtain between 2×4 cm and 10×10 cm.
  • Cutting off the curtains, textiles to size (trimming) with no need to sew.
  • Programmable automatic knife sharpening
  • Continuous speed control of cutting speed
  • One operator is able to operate up to 2 machines
  • Fully automatic machine, the operator can operate other machines during sewing.


Behind a great number of process solutions, designed to streamline and automate work is 25 years of our experience in the textile sewing industry. Our engineers, with their long experience and international involvement contribute top quality and precision to the machinery we deliver.

Our solutions are a combination of experience, innovation, attention to even the smallest detail and high quality components.

The best appreciation of our work is the satisfaction of customers, receiving our services.

Also our showroom is open for visitors – Franc-Textil sewing centre in Żarów, Poland, the place where our solutions are born, perfected and tested.