KJW 91 - machine for sewing rings onto Roman blinds

KJW 91

Machine used for sewing rings in Roman blinds

Up to 20 sewn-on rings per minute



The KJW 91 machine is a must device for any sewing facility specialised in producing Roman roller blinds.

With its the automatic feeder and laser pointers, sewing circles onto roller blinds takes twice less the time and is much more accurate.

Technical specification KJW 91/17

Machine for sewing circles onto Roman roller blinds

  • Up to 20 circles per minute
  • Maximum circle spacing – up to 50 cm, larger possible
  • Circle diameter – diameter 13 mm, thickness 2 mm. Can be adapted to other circle dimensions
  • Circle spacing measured by a laser pointer.
  • No need for marking sewing points on the blind.
  • Laser pointer showing the place of sewing.
  • Automatic circle feeder
  • PFAFF 3307 high performance machine
  • Large table top for convenient storage of roller blinds under the machine
  • Automatic extension table for machine service personnel




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